Ways to be a Safe Runner

It’s never going to happen to me, says every runner before they head out the door.

But do you really think about your safety when you go out on a run?

Here are 5 examples of preventable accidents.

  • Runner hit by Aeroplane
  • Runners trapped by Bushfire
  • Lost Runner survives by drinking her own breastmilk
  • Climber cuts off his arm
  • Runner Kidnapped

And more recently:

Ok, so some of these examples are extreme, but they are all something that we can learn from.

Always tell someone where you are going

Before you take off for your adventure, ALWAYS tell someone where you are going, and how long you expect to be.

If no one is home or awake when you set off.  Leave a note, or send a text message to your husband/wife/partner/friend/family member.

Urban Runners – Carry your phoneHelp Me

While carrying a phone can be a pain, a lot of runners do carry their phone to listen to music or to track their run through apps like Strava or MapMyRun.

Carrying your phone does allow you to contact emergency or your next of kin.

There are also apps like Help Me.

Country / Trail Runners

A cell phone can be sketchy out in the country and on trails.

An alternative to your phone is carrying an EPIRB.

There are many different EPIRBs out on the market.  This one, however, turns your smartphone into a satellite communicator. How cool is that!

Be Visible

Safe Runner Visible

Danger can happen at any time of the day.  Just take this example that happened to me in April 2014.

No matter the time of the day it’s important to be visible out on the road/trail.

Take these tips to ensure you are visible:

  • Wear clothing that is bright/hi-vis
  • Wear hi-vis clothing for runs at night
  • Wear a headlamp for night runs or foggy mornings
  • Wear flashing lights

Carry ID

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time.  I invested in an id band for my watch, as I wear my watch for 99% of my runs, and rarely carry my phone (unless I’m out on the trails).

There are many id bracelets out on the market, they don’t cost much but are well worth the investment.

Run Against Traffic

Running against the traffic will provide you with a clear view of what is ahead of you and you will be able to manoeuvre off the road when a car approaches.

Vary your Route

We become creatures of habit.  Potential attackers can become familiar with our habits, and loom in the dark when we least expect it.

Mix things up, take a different route, or do it in reverse.

But never take up a new track that you haven’t investigated first during daylight hours.

Run with a friend

Attacks are more likely to happen to those that run alone.

So run with a friend or group. Not only will time pass quicker you will also enjoy the company.

Apply all these tips on your next run, and you will become a safer runner.

7 thoughts on “Ways to be a Safe Runner”

  1. Great tips and yep I always wear my ID bracelet, and if I’m heading out for a long run in particular, even if hubby is asleep, I’ll send him my Garmin tracker link so he knows where I am (and more to the point, he can have a cup of tea waiting for me when I’m about to get home, haha!!)

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