Wyndham Vale Parkrun #7

My first parkrun was back in November 2014.

Living in Stawell means that I don’t get to Parkruns all that often.  This is because there are no Parkruns close to us.  Ballarat or Hamilton are our closest locations, but it still over an hours drive to get there. Which really isn’t worth it, unless of course I’m in the area.

Another reason I don’t get to do them is that Stawell has their own running club which I am a member of.

SAAC has various race distances from 3km to 16km, and runs (almost) every Saturday from April to September.

The SAAC season opened the first weekend of April, and I missed it because I was visiting family in Melbourne.

While visiting family, I convinced my mum to go to the recently established Wyndham Vale Parkrun.

Located at Presidents Park, Wyndham Vale is a great family friendly location.  It has a skate park, playground close by, and a grand area for dogs to run free in.

It’s also the home to Werribee Softball, and Werribee Hockey Clubs.

On this particular Saturday, we had the most spectacular sunrise.

Wyndham-Vale-Parkrun-SunriseIt really felt like it was going to pour down with rain, but it held off.

The course is a there and back course, taking you around a storm water lake, then down the path that travels along the top of the hill along the river.

You then go under the bridge, and run more level with the Werribee river.

It’s a relatively flat course, with 2 hills.  The first one being just after the turn around point, and the other being at the bridge.

The hills are short, but they do have some bite.

I really like this course, especially after passing the bridge as you get a better view of the river.

Overall, I was the 7th person to cross the line, 1st female, in a time of 22:17.

I’m quite happy with this time, as I have no run this fast in a long time.  I blame a hot summer.

Running is definitely a winter sport.

Have you run a Wyndham Vale?
Where was your first Parkrun location?
What’s your fav Parkrun Location?

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