While visiting Melbourne recently we decided to do something a little bit different for a family outing.

As it was Miles’ birthday we wanted to do something to spoil him. Something that didn’t involve going to the plaza and getting lego.


After a bit of research, we stumbled across Cliffhanger, an indoor rock climbing gym located in Altona, inner west Melbourne.

Since Miles loves gymnastics, and bouldering when we are out in the Grampians we thought that we would give it a go.

We booked ourselves in for Monday afternoon, as we were new clients and need to go through a tying and belaying course.

Upon arrival, Miles was in tears. He saw the walls and was just completely overwhelmed by it all. I don’t blame him.

Steve our instructor was fantastic. He is clearly great with kids. He made everyone feel relaxed and at home.

Kayla was first up for the induction course.

She had it simple, all she had to do was climb the wall.

As adults on the other hand had to insure we had the right knots and clipped on correctly.

Seeing Kayla climb the wall helped calm Miles’ nerves. He was now willing to give it a go.

While he didn’t climb high on the wall, he gave the ladder a go and went a lot higher than I thought he would go.

Overall he loved the experience. In fact, we all had a great time.

Tom & I also gave the walls a go too.

I got to abseil down a retractable rope wall (no guide/belayer needed). I landed completely gracefully – NOT.

Cliffhanger (5)

While Tom got to climb one of the other walls.

Cliffhanger (1)

He was fast, and it was hard work to keep up with the rope work on the ground.

All in all, we had a ball, and will definitely be back again.

If you want to try out rock climbing, then do check out Cliffhanger, you won’t be disappointed.

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