Farewell Autumn


The leaves have changed colour,
Yellow, Orange and Brown.
They’ve fallen to the ground,
And go crunch under my feet.

The grass is actually green for once.
Cooler days and nights
It grows and grows,
It might actually mean I that I will have to mow.

As the nights have gotten cooler.
Blankets are now on the bed.
Click Clack go the knitting needles
For new winter warmies.

Out comes the slow cooker
Stews, soups and casseroles for dinner.
A hot meal for cold nights.
Good to warm up the soul.

Goodbye Autumn sun,
I’ve enjoyed soaking in your glorious rays.
But as each day it’s shorter
It’s just a reminder that winter is on it’s way.

Farewell Autumn
You are my favourite time of year.
I will see you again in 12 months’ time.
So I will not shed a tear.

2 thoughts on “Farewell Autumn”

    1. I don’t deal with cold very well, so I’d love to say I love all seasons. But I don’t. Sure there are elements of winter I like, but me and snow don’t mix very well.

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