SAAC Recap: Stawell Toyota Handicap

This week’s handicap run was the 8km Stawell Toyota handicap held out in the Stawell Ironbarks.

The sub-juniors were off first.  The course for the subbies was different to that of last year’s event.

This year it was a downhill start with an uphill finish.

I ran with Miles just so I could monitor his asthma, but it also adds to my warm-up.  He was first in the handicap rank with a 30-second handicap.

We took it easy down the hill and I gave him his puffer at the halfway mark.  He was such a champion and ran exceptionally well.  His time is definitely improving.  He ran his 1km in 6:04 minutes.  Not bad for a 6-year-old with asthma.

Kayla also did a fantastic job.  She ran her 1km in 4:40.  She’s a runner though.

This particular race must be Miles’s event as last year he won it, and this year he did it again.

Miles SAAC Toyota 2015

He is totally in love with his trophy.  I don’t blame him, it is pretty cool.

As for me, well I wasn’t totally feeling it.  It was a figure 8 / butterfly pattern course.

Which again seemed to have more uphills than downhills.

I was happy with my pace, and I was keeping Dave behind me, but on the last 2km, my big toe was starting to really hurt.  You see a blister had popped and I failed to cream and bandaid it up beforehand. The “she’ll be right” attitude didn’t work this time.  Needless to say, I learned my lesson.

On the last stretch I pushed too hard up a hill (trying to keep up with Dave, who had now passed me), and I felt my heart rate shoot sky-high, I had to pull back my tempo to get it back down to a manageable rate.

The Handicap winner was Kieran who started last with a handicap of 22 mins and still crosses the line first in a race time of 50:16.

Kieran ran the 8km in 28:16, yeah speedster compared to my 38:40 8km effort (which is a 4:51 pace).

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