Back to School: First Day of Grade 1 & 3

With 6 weeks of summer holiday’s the kids were ready to go back to school.

I mean I love them and everything, but they were starting to get on our nerves.

They were also starting to get bored.

Earlier on in the week I collected their school book packs.  Which then meant I was then met with the task of contacting them.

Let me just say that not all contact is created equal.

The contact that is more metallic is a pain in the bum with bubbles.

The vinyl / furry contact however, is super easy to contact with, and bonus little to no bubbles!

Contacting tip: make sure you have a big flat area, a ruler and lots of patience.

29Jan2015_3067This year we didn’t have to get much for Kayla in the way of school clothes.  Just a few more shirts to replace the ones that she grew out of.

I did pick her up a new cardigan for those days where you just want something extra but not a jumper.

One of the items that Kayla was super excited to get in her school pack was a USB stick.  I have no idea what they will use the usb stick for, but it’s clearly labelled, and I’ve loaned her my Taylor Swift lanyard to keep it safe.

29Jan2015_3073Miles has grown heaps, and is no longer a little boy.

We pretty much had to replace his entire wardrobe.  I made sure I got him extra shirts, pants and shorts.

He was super excited to get new school shoes.  Will get him boots come closer to winter.

I set the alarm for 6:45 am to get breakfast and school lunches ready.

With a bowl of cereal and bacon into each child I pack them up with their respectfully full lunch boxes, and then went outside for obligatory First Day of School photo’s.

29Jan2015_3094They only have their first day of school (for the year) once.  So I wanted to capture them just as they are.

Have fun kids!



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