House Fire! Grab 5 things

Fires are devastating. They change people’s lives forever. I hope no one has to go through a house fire.

So this is the question.

The house is on fire, all the family is out, and you can grab 5 more items. What are they?


I will be honest with you and tell you that I had to think long and hard about this question. Why? Well, I couldn’t think of 3 things, let alone 5! Yeah, no joke.

You see I use to work in insurance. Car, Home & Contents.  So when it comes to content, I understand what it is, what it covers, and all that jazz.

Besides people, everything is replaceable.

I don’t own anything antique, or something that is one of a kind.

So what are the 5 things I would grab? Well if I had to grab anything it would be the following:

  1. Computer / External Hard Drive (EHD)
  2. Wallet
  3. Mobile Phone
  4. A painting that my (deceased) Grandfather painted
  5. My kid’s newborn memorabilia (it’s all in a box).

What 5 things would you grab?

9 thoughts on “House Fire! Grab 5 things”

  1. The painting would be a special one to grab should the need arise, but as you say, it’s just stuff. But, it’s stuff we like and it makes us happy – then again building a new home with more stuff can be pretty fun too (as long as I don’t end up homeless)

    1. Due to circumstances outside of my control, I never got to know my grandfather. I knew it was an excellent painter. This picture of me is one he painted, and was given to my by my Aunt when she came to visit last year, 6 months after he died.
      We visited him back in 2012, so at least I got to meet him before he died. So it’s my special memento.

  2. That is a tough one! I like the idea of grabbing my computer since all the pictures are saved on it. I think I’d like to grab the photo album that we keep parents/grandparents pictures in it. The rest ya can be replaced, so I guess I would grab my wallet and passport (ID’s take forever to get replaced, LOL) This will sound bad, but I think I’d grab my first ever marathon finisher medal too:)

    1. I mentioned id didn’t I?
      Yeah ID is such a pita to replace. Which is why I keep digital copies of my passport and birth certificate online. Because getting it replaced, makes it so much easier.
      When I got married back in 2008, I couldn’t find my original birth certificate, that goodness I had a photocopy, made applying for a new one so much easier.
      Oh and grabbing the medal, just goes to show how much you love running. I think that’s awesome.

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