Whole 30 Round #2

After I finished Whole 30 I had already decided that I was going to do it again.

I had decided that February would be a good month to do it, as the “silly season” would be over. I then thought about it some more and realised that February would mark 6 months since the last Whole30.  That seemed a bit too long.

I then decided that November would be a great time to do another round.

In round 2 I’m not going to be as strict.  If anything I will be eating paleo.  Whole30 is paleo if you are wondering but it’s a very strict paleo.  For example, I will have potatoes.  I’m not a huge potato eater anyway, so a little bit now and then isn’t going to harm me on this round of whole30 aka paleo30.

I also plan to use this round to try out some new recipes. I have to thank Sean of Underground Wellness for this (and for me to do another round of whole30).  Why?  Well, he recently hosted The Real Food Con Summit which was a fantastic free summit.  The Summit has now ended, but you can purchase all the podcasts, and videos.  Click this link to go look at it or go order.
I learned a lot from the Summit, and I look forward to applying what I learned too.  I’ll post my thoughts on my new findings once I have applied them.

So here is to November and another round of eating clean!

Last interesting fact you have learned?
What are you reading at the moment?
You fav meal to cook or eat?

3 thoughts on “Whole 30 Round #2”

  1. Love that your doing this again! So impressive, that you not only did it once, but you were able to love it for your life to do it again! Look forward to seeing these new recipe’s you have!!! In answer to one of your questions, right now I am ready Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, and half way into it I am loving it!

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