Whole 30 – I know, I’m not Suppose to, but I did

I will be honest with you.  I have not followed the Whole30 guidelines 100%.  I have still eaten 100% Paleo though.

Let me explain.

One of the rules of Whole30 is NOT to weigh yourself.  And I get that. The number on the scale is just a number. It doesn’t define who I am.

I did weigh myself before Whole30.  I weighed in at 63.4kg | 138lbs.  Which I’m assuming is my natural set point.  Anyway, I (was) am happy with the way I weigh.  I know I have lost weight on Whole30 because my pants don’t fit, and I need a new belt. That can’t be a bad thing, an excuse to go clothes shopping.

Yesterday however I did jump on the scale.  I know, I know I shouldn’t have, but guess what?  I jumped on and did not look at the number, I had my eyes shut and my hands over them so I wouldn’t cheat.  I got Tom to look at the number and to remember it so he can tell me when Whole30 is over.

So yes I broke the rule, but not quite. I’m curious I can’t help it.

If you want to read some more articles on why you should break up with your scale, go check out these posts on Whole9, Here, and Here.

The other thing I did that I really was not supposed to was – BAKING.

I mean seriously, you are asking something huge here.  I’m a mum, and I like to bake.  The kids like baking goods.  You try baking without kids.  It’s hard.  Especially when I have had have baked goods for Kayla’s school (a goodbye party), and then allocated ‘cake raffle’ day for run club.

When you bake you taste the batter, you taste the icing, and so on.  It’s hard not to bake and not do these things.  So I understand why they say you shouldn’t bake, as really baking is a modern thing, and not an ancestral thing.  Go here for the official what can I have on Whole30.

I ended up baking Paleo Breakfast Muffins and you can find the recipe on Paleo Australia.  They were really nice, and hit the spot, not overly sweet or dry.   One of the other reasons why I baked them was because I want to (eventually) transition the kids to Paleo.  I know that doing that is going to be a long and slow process but with their allergy issues, it just makes sense to eliminate the crap food that is in their diet now.

One might say that I’m just sabotaging my Whole30 project.  Others might say that I’m breaking the rules.  But at the end of the day, I see it as this.  It’s my life, I still ate Paleo, and I did not fall off the bandwagon and ate things I know I shouldn’t have.

Oh and those sugar cravings.  They are back (as they said they would be).  I will defeat you sugar dragons! I will!

Only 5 days left.  I’ve already decided that the 1st non Whole30 food I will eat will be a ‘treat’ at afternoon tea at the run club next weekend.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

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