Point Cook Parkrun #118

While in Melbourne, I try to visit my “home” Point Cook Parkrun when I can.

I haven’t been to many, but this week’s visit to Parkrun was extra special because I ran it with Kayla.

I asked Kayla if she would like to do Parkrun, and aim to run 5km.

I know she can clearly run 3km with ease after she ran the Stawell Easter Fun run a few weeks prior.

However, this week has been a heavy week of sporting activities, with the following:

  • Thursday – School Sports, Cheer
  • Friday – Cross Country, Ballet & Jazz
  • Tuesday – Swimming

Kayla is a determined cookie, she was adamant to give park run a go.

So I signed her up and set her Point Cook as her “home” location.

With our barcodes printed, we set off to do this run with 4:1 intervals.  Run for 4 minutes, and walk for 1 minute.

Well, she finished in a time of 35:53.

Point Cook #118

Needless to say, I’m super proud of my girl.

This is her first 5km ever, and the furthest she has ever run.

Now we know what she is capable of, we can only improve from there.

Point Cook Parkrun #118 (1)

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