Race Recap: Stawell Easter Fun Run

Event: Lindsey Kent Memorial Fun Run
Date: 27th March 2016
Distance: 5km or 3km
Type: There & back loop.
Where: Stawell Racecourse, Stawell
Event Partners/Sponsors: Stawell & Ararat Cross Country Club

The sister club to SAAC is SACCC, which holds the Stawell Easter Fun Run, which is also known as the Lindsey Kent Memorial Fun Run.

While the town is full of tourists for the Stawell Gift, the club holds this fun run to encourage local and tourist families to get involved.

There are no race bibs, and there are no timing chips.

Yet everyone gets a certificate for their time when they cross the finish line.

The event is only $10 for adults, and $5 for kids under 16, and is pretty low-key, but still gets a good turnout.

Starting and finishing at the Stawell Racecourse, the course takes out the back of the racecourse into the bushland area, following the pipeline track.

The 3km walk and kids run, turns off to the right, while the 5km continues further up the track, before turning around, and then coming along Hines Rd, to meet up with the 3km walkers.

Continuing on Holloway road you turn back into the racecourse to finish.

Matilda Stawell Easter RunMum

I ran the 5km run and was happy with how I ran it.  I ran a solid race, coming about 5th in the women’s.

While I had more in my tank, I chose not to go for a personal best, as I still had to get my long run in, and that would be another 12km.  So yes 17km all up for the day.

The time on the finishes clock told me I ran the 5km in 23:44.  The best part, was I rang the entire race as a negative split, where each km got faster and faster.  Can’t do better than that.

Kayla Stawell Easter Fun Run

However, Kayla is the real winner of this race.

She ran the 3km, and I’m utterly so proud of her.

She’s only run 3km once before, and that was walking/running.

She managed to run the entire 3km in 17:53! That’s less than 6 minutes per km!

Go, Kayla!

The proud mum moment right there.

Next year, she may run the 5km, we’ll see.

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