Geocaching in the Ironbarks

After we stumbled upon our first Geocache at Manja Shelter, the kids wanted to do it again.

Looking at the geocache map, we discovered that there are a few in our hometown.

We decided that our first official Geocaching adventure would be one called “The Nature of the Bark”.

Funnily enough, this particular cache was on a track that Tom and & had walked the week before.

Because of that, we (adults) had a fair idea of where the treasure would be.


First up we had to locate satellites and input our coordinates.

We took the path, and ask the kids what they thought they would find, and what they would trade.

Once the GPS started beeping we knew we were very close.

Now it was a matter of searching the area, and viola! We found it.


Our first official Geocache find! Woohoo! We were all just a bit excited.

It’s safe to say that the kids are hooked on Geocaching.


Have you been Geocaching before?
Have you ever accidentally stumbled on a Geocache?

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