High Five Friday #33

It’s that time of the week again to give a High Five to Friday!

We’ve had holiday’s, discoveries and loads of adventures.

Let’s get started with this weeks High Five Friday.

Five Pictures

  1. We took the kids out into the Grampians National park to inspect the work done at Lakeside lookout.
    The kids had a ball exploring.
  2. Received a new box of goodies, this time from Nourish Me Well Box.
    I will post a review on my thoughts of this box soon.
  3. View from the top of Manja Shelter.
    These types of trees are what I define as Grampians.
  4. Our first official Geocache find.
  5. Penshurst lookout. Volcano!

Five Things

  1. The Biggest Mistake People Make When Setting Goals
    Achieving goals shouldn’t be over complicated.
  2. Instead of Goals
    Make rules, not goals.
  3. On this Day: Resolution
    One woman’s realisation of how Facebook’s “on this day” has changed her way outlook for this coming year.
  4. Screw Perfection
    Strive to be better, more awesome.
  5. Rapid Muscle Response
    Become a stronger runner with these simple but highly effective cross-training, bodyweight workouts.

What do you give a High Five to this Friday?

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