Geocaching: One Tree Hill

I’ve always wanted to do Geocaching.

Thanks to our geocache stumble a few weeks ago at Manja Shelter, has now sparked our geocaching adventures.

If you are new to geocaching, think of it as a Treasure Hunt.  A worldwide one at that.

There are thousands of caches out there, of varying sizes hiding just waiting for us to find them.

What I love about geocaching is that it combines my love of the outdoors and the prospect of treasure. Which appeals to the kids.

If it encourages them to explore our great land, then I’m all for it.

I mean who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?!

While in Ararat the other day, we decided to find a cache.

We decided on one (of three) that is hiding near the lookout of One Tree Hill.

Ararat One Tree Hill

It was a surprisingly warm day, so we wore hats and carried a water bottles.

We entered our coordinates and set off on our adventure.

It was Miles’ turn to use the GPS, he did an amazing job, telling us where we needed to go.

This geocache is about 100m down from the dirt track along an animal track.

Miles Geo Pin

The kids were super excited to find the cache hiding in the trunk of a tree.

Kayla traded some nail polish for a rainbow loomband ring.  While Miles traded a matchbox tractor for a Geocache pin. Which he has been wearing with pride for a few days now.

The kids wanted to do more geocaching, but we told them, that if we do them all at once where would the fun be in that?

So next time we visit Ararat, we will be off to find another some treasure.

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