Review: 22 in 2022

Every year, I create a list of things I want to do, achieve or try.

However, living three years in a pandemic, let’s be honest here, and the intentions for 22 in 2022 are going to be anything but.

If you want to see the original list in all its glory, you can do so here: 22 in 2022, or the revisit post here: 22 in 2002 revisited.

1. Run the year 2022km

I knew by April, that I was going to have to tank this goal.

Having run a few runs the years, not achieving this was something that I was ok with.

Running should bring me joy, and it wasn’t. I’m slowly gaining that joy back again, and that means letting go of expectations.

2. Build our Home

One year on, and we are not in the house, yet.

However, it is coming along and will be there soon.

3. Read 52 Books

This goal got absolutely smashed. I ended up reading the most I have ever read in a year.

With a 30-minute commute to work and back home, I got an hour of audiobook time every day.

Over 35 audiobooks were listened to. It might also help that I listen to my audiobooks at double time. Therefore a 10-hour book is really only 5 hours.

Photo by Alexander Grey

4. 22 from my kobo library

I was able to read 17 books from my kobo library.

There were a few that I tried and were DNF, either they were poorly written or something that no longer served me.

5. Make a will

This one was been on my list for a while. It still has not happened. Yes, I know how important it is, and should be higher up on my list of priorities. However, I see this one getting completed once the house is done.

6. Get a new perfume

Who knew getting a new perfume could be so hard?

Getting a sample set of perfumes from Recreation Beauty, actually helped me narrow down the smells that I actually like, two being gardenia and jasmine.

Armed with knowledge, I think finding perfume will be much easier.

If only Diesel Green wasn’t discontinued. We wouldn’t have this problem.

7. Run Warburton Trail Festival (WTF 50k)

One hundred per cent YES.

You can read my race recap here: WTF Lumberjack

8. Run Horsham Parkrun

Crossed this one off in June.

Go here to read about my visit to Wimmera Parkrun.

9. Crochet/Knit/Tunisian crochet a blanket for the kids

Besides a bit of mending, no other crafty thing was done this year.

Once we are in our new space, I will know what we will want and need.

10. Project 52 (Capture), a photo a week

It was not the year for a photo project.

11. Back up photos

All my photos are backed up to google Photos, and spending the money to increase my storage was worth every penny.

I do have an external hard drive in storage, that I plan on backing up there too when I get access to it.

12. Print yearbooks

When you have to spend time in isolation because of COVID, it’s surprising what you can get done.

Yearbooks for 2020 & 2021 were done through Journi, quick and easy. Just wish they have a lay-flat option.

13. Find a pair of overalls

When I was in high school I had these pair of overalls, that I LIVED in. They brought me so much joy.

Do you think I have been able to find overalls that I like? No. Why is it so hard?

14. Listen to all of 2016 last played music in my library

Yes, yes and yes. I’m now onto 2018 last played.

However, I came across a bunch of songs in the cloud that had reappeared in my library, with songs dating back to 2015. Not too sure what happened there, but those songs have now been listened to, and there were some great tunes in there. There were also some that I was quite happy to get rid of.

15. Try 22 new recipes

While I have tried quite a few new recipes and will now be featured in our recipe rotation, the 22 recipes quota was not met, but I’m ok with that.

16. Invest in a long sleeve UV50+ running top

The long-sleeve top from Solbari was a total game-changer, and well worth the investment.

17. Complete a Yoga with Adriene Challenge

Fridays are my YWA days and have to be one of the highlights of my week. I enjoy coming home and finishing off my work week with one of her sessions.

Move – A 30-day yoga journey

18. Make a capsule wardrobe

This was not the year for designing a capsule wardrobe.

It was the year to realise that you can survive with less. Except for underwear, I need some more Boody undies.

19. Hike sections of the GPT (Gariwerd/Grampians Peaks Trail) with Tom and the kids

Again, this was not the year for this challenge.

The house project took up more of our weekends than expected.

This meant that our weekend adventures didn’t happen, and have been missed.

20. Finish watching Buffy & Angel

I did finish season 5 of Buffy. I cried. And Season 2 of Angel.

This one is def still a work in progress.

21. Get a better sleep routine

Commuting meant, that I had to get this one down to a fine art. Getting a solid 6 1/2 to 7 hours a night, happy with that.

22. Focus on being the best version of me

This will always be a work in progress.

It took the Melbourne Marathon disaster, for me to really reassess what I wanted out of running and fitness.

In November I decided to do a month of strength, and it was the change that I needed.

There we have in 22 in 2022.

While some things didn’t go to plan, there were other things that I blew out of the park.

What will 2023 bring? Stay tuned, a list will be revealed in due time.

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