Speedwork Session #33: Strides

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, strides are the number one speed work session that any runner should and can be doing.

Press for time? Then this workout is for you.

Strides are the type of thing you can do in any run. You can add them before your speedwork leg to get the legs ticking over. Or you can add them on to an easy run to activate those fast twitch muscle fibres.

Either way, they are simple and easy to do. You can do them for either time or distance.

The main takeaway from the session is to think of them like a bell curve. You are increasing the acceleration in your activation stage, and then in your recovery stage, you are decreasing that acceleration.

Photo by Volker Thimm

Strides for Distance

4-6 reps of 100m acceleration, 130m of recovery

Strides for Time

4-6 reps of 30 seconds acceleration, to 45-90 seconds of recovery

Add strides to one of your easy runs each week, and you’ll notice an improvement in your performance and your speed run days.

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