Speedwork Sessions #32: The Easy Sandwich

It’s only taken me 18 months, but the return of the speedwork sessions is here!

These monthly workouts are designed to help you get faster, or to add some flavour to an otherwise boring workout.

This month we take on strides!

Strides would have to be one of my favourite ways to add a little bit of speed to an easy run.

Think of the salt and pepper you add to your meal to enhance the flavour.

The great thing with strides is they can be added to any easy run.

Also known as pick-ups, strides help to improve your form and mechanics. They are short, sharp, and sweet and can be distance or time base.

This particular workout is one of my favourites.

It’s the type of workout that I have done in all types of conditions.

Recently I’ve taken this workout out to one of my 8km trail loops and has given it a bit of spice.

It’s 56 minutes long, and you can cover anywhere from 8-9km (or more) depending on your easy pace.

The Easy Sandwich

The reason I have called this the easy sandwich is that the strides are sandwiched in between two easy run sections.

You may only cover 100m in the second portion, but the walk breaks are a pleasant surprise.

Then when it comes to the second easy portion, you may find that your legs are less tired and you cover more distance than your first slab.

Give this workout a try on your next easy run day.

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