Product Review: Solbari Long Sleeve UPF50+

With Australia being is the skin cancer capital of the world, Solbari, has created a line of products to suit the lifestyle of many Australia. One being me.

Every Aussie knows to “Slip, Slop, Slap”. Which I do every summer when I head out for any outdoor adventure.

Three summers ago, I moved from being an early morning runner to an afternoon runner, all because of my job.

This meant that I had no choice but to run in the afternoon in the heat of the day.

Yes, I could run after dinner, once the sunsets, but I find it takes me a while to wind down, and then I have trouble sleeping.

Running in the morning isn’t an option. Unless of course, I want to be up at 3 am. I value my sleep way too much to get up at that time, so afternoon runs it is.

Up until now, I have been slathering on the sunscreen. I hate it. It’s greasy, it smells, and it clings to your skin even after you have had a shower.

Surely there has to be an alternative.

This is where Solbari fits into the picture.

Their Long Sleeve UPF50+ top was the item I didn’t know I needed in my life.

I can not believe I didn’t buy this product sooner!

It’s true what it says on their website:

lightweight, breathable, and extremely comfortable


I wore this top on a recent long run, and it didn’t miss a beat. It gave me the protection I needed and I didn’t overheat.

With nine different colours to choose from, there is a style for everyone. (I chose ocean blue, like the above picture).

Whether you are after casual wear or activewear, Solbari has products for everyone.

I wish I discovered them sooner, and will definitely be adding more Solbari items to my collection in the future.

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