Relief Run Recap

Relief Run (organised by the awe-inspiring Samantha Gash), was a 21 or 5km virtual run to support those affected by the devastating Australian Bushfires. 100% of the registration fee went to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

The devastation of these fires was (and still is) worldwide news.

It is going to be a long recovery. So while I wasn’t personally affected, I had to do something.  Running for 2 hours was something I COULD do.

Planning a route, on January 18th 2020, alongside some local running friends Jess & Rhonda, we set off.

Starting at North Park, we headed off into the ironbarks and then wandered through deep lead, nuggety hill reserve, before finishing off back at the track at North Park.

This run had everything.  Hills, goat track, animals, laughter and lots of talking.

All in all, it was a good morning adventure. And I also got to cross off another street of my Run Stawell Challenge.

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