Ultimate Running Date #58

To my dear running friends,

I would like to make an apology.  I have neglected our running dates, our last one was back in July 2019.  I’m not too sure how this happened, but we need to rectify this immediately.  So strap on those shoes and let’s go for a run.

What I’ve been…


I’ve just finished The Maze Runner as an audiobook.  I’ll be recommending this one to my 11-year-old, as it’s Lord of the Flies, meets Hunger Games.  I enjoyed it, and look forward to completing the series.

I’m also reading Roar by Dr Stacy Sims.  This book has been recommended by so many of my female running friends.  When it got referenced 3 times in a few weeks, I took it as a sign.  While I haven’t completed it yet, I will be making some changes that’s for sure.


The new reboot Charmed.  It’s not like the original series.


Don’t keep your Day Job by Cathy Heller.  I first discovered her as Chalene Johnson interviewed her on her podcast.  Well, I was sold.  Love her content.

All things Running

Running in summer is HARD.  I will do a blog post soon on the best tips to get through running during the hot summer months.

This year, I’ve also decided to take on running the year (again).  2020km for 2020.

January Running Statistics

Distance – 226km
Total Hours – 32h
Longest Distance 
– 21.1km (Relief Run)
Number of Activities 
– 46

This year I’ve decided to track all of my activities on Strava (not just running ones).  Which is why my total hours and activities are higher than what it has been in the past.  When, in reality, it’s the same, the only difference is that I’m tracking all the other cross-training aka mobility, yoga, strength etc.

Relief Run, this one I will do a blog post on, I’m surprised I haven’t yet.  Stay tuned for that.

January is also the end of my base training plan.

February Running Statistics

Distance – 201km
Total Hours – 31h
Longest Distance 
– 13. something
Number of Activities 
– 50

February saw the start of my advanced 10km plan.

Let’s just say, I’ve lost speed, but I know it’s something that I can work on to improve this year.

I’ve also entered my first event for the year!  The Pioneer Women’s Trail walk in the Adelaide Hills.  I checked with the committee, I can run it.  The best part, the entry fee was only $20!

2020 Statistics

Total Running Distance – 427km
2020 Running Prediction – 2562km

This year my focus is to CELEBRATE, to have fun and just experience all the things.

Until next time, be bright, be kind, and go seek adventures!

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