Challenge: Run My Home Town

I have lived in Stawell for coming up 13 years.  Surprisingly, even though I have lived here for that length of time, I haven’t run every street.

Scrolling through Strava one day I saw one my friends post.  She had set a challenge to run every street of her suburb.

I thought what I great idea. That is something I could do. Now that we are officially in the offseason I have set myself this challenge to run my home town.

I have no idea how long it’s going to take, or how many kilometres I will cover, but it will give me a chance to see a side of my home town I haven’t seen before.

With over 200 streets, roads and laneways this is going to be an adventure.

A challenge needs to have some ground rules:

Official Start Date: 25.10.19

  • Any runs on streets prior to start date do not count
  • I must take a photo
  • I must Instagram an image from my run with one of the following hashtags #runeverystreet #runstawell #seenonmyrun #runmyhometown #runmycity
  • If it has a street sign on it, I must go down it, even if it is a dead-end or no through road
  • Runs must be recorded via GPS.
  • Streets must be completed in full.
    • If I am unable to run said street in its entirety, I must go back and complete it within one month of running that street
    • The street does not count if it is to get access to another street
  • Be safe always
  • Up to 3 streets may be skipped IF it compromises safety
    • ie running on the highway.

Let this adventure begin!

Have you run your own city?

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