20 in 2020

I’m no stranger to setting goals.  If you are new here and need some directions, check out these blog posts on goal setting:

You could call them goals, intentions, objectives or maybe it’s a vision.

A new decade is a new chapter, a new beginning.  A do-over? possibility.

While I’m still setting goals, my mindset on what type of things I want to achieve from past years has changed.

In the past, I had weight loss or fitness-orientated objectives.

Now, they have moved to things I want to learn, do or achieve.

20 in 2020

  1. Read 40 books
    1. 10 chosen books from my unread pile in Kobo
    2. 10 chosen books from my unread Kindle (Amazon) pile
    3. 10 books from my bookshelf
    4. Flexi pile – from friends, the library, borrow box, or simply just because
  2. Run 2020 km
  3. Do 200 NTC Workouts
  4. Weekly Yoga with Adriene sessions
  5. Learn continental knitting
  6. Knit an item with the continental knitting method
  7. Learn Tunisian crochet
  8. Create a crochet item in this Tunisian method
  9. A monthly photo challenge.  20 Images that define that month.
  10. 20 family adventures
  11. Build a house (yes I know it’s been on the list since 2016!)
  12. Catch up on Photo Albums
  13. Go to Ararat Parkrun
  14. Go to Horsham Parkrun
  15. Finish Run Stawell Project
  16. Write a will
  17. Beep Test
  18. Go to a local yoga class
  19. Try 20 new recipes
  20. ????

Yes, my 20th intention is still up in the air. I have no idea what to put.  I’m seriously stuck for ideas.

I was “thinking” about crossing MARATHON off the list. That is still plausible.  But I’m not sure if I want to, yet.

While I know I can run 2020km, I’d like to achieve this goal without the hiccup of an injury.

The beauty of a list like this is that it can (and most likely will) change.

Nothing is set in stone, but one thing is for certain, I want to have fun, and simply celebrate life, and what it has to offer.

Do you have a 20in20 list?

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