Troubleshooting with Cake & Goals

Last week we talked about how baking a cake can help you smash your goals.

But what happens when you follow the recipe exactly and your cake still doesn’t turn out?


There are lots of things to consider.

Your Oven

Every oven is different.  You know your oven better than anyone else.

A gas oven is going to perform differently to an electric oven.  Then add a fan-forced oven in the mix, and well you will end up with a different result.

Always keep this in mind.

Goal Relation

You know what works for you and what doesn’t.  So while someone else may have the same goal as you they are going to approach the goal in methods that work for them.  If you have to add in a couple of extra steps to get to your goal, so be it.


A gooey centre indicates a cake that hasn’t been cooked enough.

A cake that is dry indicates a cake that has been cooked too long.

Time plays a huge factor in how long you should bake your cake.

Goal Relation

A goal should be set within a time frame.  Timely goals give you a sense of urgency, it becomes anchored.

When you set yourself a time frame, you will become more motivated to complete your goal.

The Pan

The pan that you decide to use will also determine the end result of your cake.

A too small a pan could result in batter rising explosion.

Smaller pans usually also mean shorter cooking times.

Goal Relation

The tools that you have will either help or hinder you. So make sure you have the right tools for the job.

That doesn’t mean going out and buying a new pan.  Sometimes you just have to modify your recipe with the tools that you do have.

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