How to Set Goals

When a new year comes around we look back at the year that was, and think of all the things we didn’t do, or change.

We may not have liked the outcome and so we want to change.

So we set resolutions.  Or in other words wishes.

While this isn’t a bad thing, wishes don’t come true unless you make them happen.

So how do you make your wish or dream become a reality?

Achieving Goals in 5 Steps

Set Goals the SMART way in these 5 simple steps.


This means defining the goal in language a 5 year can understand, with who, what, where, when, why & which.

  • Who is involved
  • What do I want to accomplish
  • Where will it be done
  • Why am I doing this
  • Which constraints/requirements do I have

Specific Goal: I have gotten to my goal weight of 65kg by 13th June 2016
Wish: I will lose weight


Set a goal so that you can track your progress and/or measure your outcome.

  • How much
  • How many
  • How will I know

Specific Goal: I have run 1000km in 2016
Wish: I will run more


You want to set a goal that is reasonable enough to be accomplished.  How will it be attainable?

  • Is it achievable
  • Does it put you out of your comfort zone
  • What steps will I take to achieve this goal

Specific Goal: In the next 3 months I have built up my long-distance running from 5km to half marathon distance.
Wish: I want to run a marathon in the next four months

Relevant / Realistic

Set a goal that is worthwhile to you.

  • Does it meet your needs?
  • Is it consistent with the other goals you have set
  • Will it fit with your short, and long-term plans
  • Is it motivating

Specific Goal: I have run a 10km race in 46:30
Wish: I will run a faster 10km



Your goal should include a time limit.

Setting a time limit gives you a sense of urgency and will prompt you to manage your time to achieve the goal.

  • When
  • What can I do today
  • What can I do a month from now
  • What can I do 6 months from now
  • Be open to changing your schedule

Specific goal: I have run my fastest half marathon in 1h47m at Wings for Life, in May.
Wish: I will run my fastest half marathon.


If you apply all these steps to any goal you set, you will smash it out of the park.

So grab a pen and paper and change those dreams into reality.

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