High Five Good Friday

It’s Good Friday! I hope you all have a great Easter (if you celebrate it), or enjoy your time off.

Today I get the day off (the one day the supermarket is closed).  I got a much-needed sleep in, but I have woken up with a cold (dislike).

I also do apologise that I dropped off the radar for the last few weeks.  With work, I just didn’t make enough time to organise some blog posts. And believe me, I have now got a long list.

There is lots to recap about, so let’s get right to it with High Five Friday – The Good Friday Edition!

Five Pictures


1)Slogging it up a hill on the RollerCoaster run. I know I haven’t done a review post on this, but believe me, it’s going to get done. Was a seriously tough race, but I totally earned my medal.

2) Kayla has been asking for a while now to come running with me.  She’d like to run 5km one day.  The furthest she has run however is 2km.  So on this particular day, we set out for a slow 3km run.  To me, it was the recovery run I needed after RollerCoaster.  She did a fantastic job.  She ended up running 2.84km.  We cut it short as she was finding it hard to breathe due to a cold.

3) While in BigW I picked up this new cookbook.  I look forward to cooking from it.

4) The first club run for the season and my girl can first for the sub juniors.  She wore her medal with pride that’s for sure.

5) Testing out the pretzel headlamp.  It doesn’t look dark, but I assure it was 7 am and in that twilight state.  Wanted to get use to wearing a headlamp, as I may need it for the Wings for Life World run coming up next month.

Five Links

1)  As you already know I’m a huge fan of strength training but running as well. There are some days that there are hard to find a balance between the two. So when I came across this article by functional running I couldn’t agree with it more 9 Tips for Balancing Strength Training & Running.

2) There is nothing worse than discoverying that the shoe you wear is no longer made, or has me changed and no longer suits you.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could find a like-minded shoe?  Well, you can!  With Run Repeat you can find the shoe for you.

3) While in Masters (a big hardware store) looking at materials for our new kitchen, one of the employees told us about this fantastic website called Houzz.  If you need inspiration on designing or redesigning a room, then you could definitely check out this site.

4) A few weeks ago I went on the Pete Evans The Paleo Way Tour.  In a few weeks’ time, I’ll be starting his 10-week program.  Because I went to the tour I get to do the program for free! I will keep you posted on how that journey is going to go.

5) My Fab Mother in Law (aka Di Di), made a Raw Almond Butter Cake.  I told her she had to give me the recipe because it was delicious.  So I’m sharing it with you because it’s too good not to share.

Five Other Things

1) I’m currently reading Insanity (Made in Wonderland) by Cameron Jace, and totally love the modern retelling of ‘Alice in Wonderland.  If you are a fan of ‘Once Upon a Time, then you’ll enjoy this series.

2) Finally got around to listening to the Lift Like a Girl Podcast.  I’m a huge fan of Nia Shanks and her program, and this podcast was refreshing that’s for sure.

3) Sharing another recipe, and this one just happens to have been on Nia Shanks (again I love her).  We made this the other night for dinner, and it was so delicious.  I only used 1 pound of cherries, but I did have some frozen peaches, so I threw them in as well, and it was utterly drool-worthy. So go make this Slow Cooker Cherry Pork.

4) I bought new trail running shoes.  Some Mizuno ones.  I got them for a bargain price at RollerCoaster.  While I love my Salomon’s they are heavy when you travel long distances.  I will keep the Salomons for mud events.  Still haven’t tested out the new shoes.  Have I mentioned I’ve been busy?!

5) Last week while I had a client re-doing her in-person sales order I accidentally formatted one of my external hard drives, instead of the USB stick. Needless to say, always pay attention. And always have back up’s of your backups.

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