Why Do you Run/Workout?

It’s a simple enough question, but like so many easy questions it can be deceptively hard to answer.

At the end of the day, the simple answer is:


But here are 10 Other reasons Why I Run or Workout.

I Run / Workout Because

.1. It’s simple

There are no complicated pieces of equipment to think about besides donning some laces, and maybe a water bottle.

You can run where ever in the world you happen to be, you just have to head out the door.

.2. Because I can

Sure a time will come when I’m no longer about to run. Yet despite that, there will be something else that I will able to do instead. So until that happens I’ll still be clocking up the k’s.

.3. I get to be outside

I’m lucky that I live in the country and have access to some fantastic national parks. I get to see nature, but most of all I get to be a part of it, even just for a moment.

.4. Running makes me feel healthy

Every time I work out, I improve my health.  It’s that simple.

.5. Being fit and healthy sets a positive example for my kids

If I want my kids to be fit and healthy, then it stands to say that I should lead by example, as I am one of the great influences in their lives.

.6. It allows me to escape

It allows me to escape my thoughts, or escape people.  When I return 99% of the time I’m in a better mood than when I left.

.7. Because I love to eat

And boy can I eat!

.8. I can solve problems in a long run

For some reason, problems have a way of working out into a solution when I’m out running.

.9. It clears my mind

I can tune out. Yet some of my best idea’s have also occurred while out on the track.

.10. I’ve achieved some amazing goals because of it

Without any of my workouts, I would have never achieved the likes of 3 Tough Mudders or countless half marathons.

When I put my mind to something, and I really want it, I make it happen.


Then there are these two:
I want to be around them as long as I can.


Now we can’t forget this dude either:
He’s my best friend and makes life fun.

What are your reasons why you workout or run?

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