Bloggers: Sharing is Caring

It’s Friday, but instead of having a High Five Friday day, I thought I would have a Sharing is Caring day but for Bloggers day.

Blogging is hard work.  Getting more readers is also hard work.

Which is why I’m showing the love, and sharing 5 of my favourite bloggers that I think know would love a visit from you. So GO CHECK THEM OUT!

.1. Finding Carol

I first met Carol at the Mosaic to Mountain Fun run back in 2013. She recognised me, and my RunMum shirt.

So that’s how I came about following Carol.

She’s fun, quirky, honest, and she real, which are just some of the reasons why I keep following her.

.2. Runaway Bridal Planner

Kristy was an accidental find, through an online community running group that use to be very active.

There was just something about her style and personality that really spoke to me.

She’s the type of person that I know we would be friends in real life.

She’s a wedding and event planner, and has a goal to run a marathon in all 50 states of the USA.

Kristy is also an avid book reader, and hiker.

.3. Love Life Surf

I discovered Christine’s blog thanks to a Link up post on another blog I follow.

She is a recent find (like within the last 3 months). But ever since I found her blog, I was drawn to her writing style.

She a writer, mum, yogi and runner.

Her blog is refreshing, knowledgeable and centred.  Yes centred, maybe that’s the yogi in her.

.4. The Fit Switch

Another recent blog I have discovered is Jessica at the Fit Switch.

I have to thank Jill Conyers, for her discovery.

Without Jill and her recent partnership with Jessica for Tuesday’s #dishthefit I would have never have discovered such an encouraging, energetic and vibrant blog.

.5. The Active Mum

Aanika is another Aussie (yay).

She’s a mum who also runs (track), is active, eats paleo, and is down to earth.

Her blog focus’ on family, fitness & healthy living. Which are all things I can relate to.

Bonus: Nia Shanks

Who doesn’t want to be the most awesome and strongest version of themselves?

I’ve been a huge fan of Nia since discovering her on the Sane Show Podcast back in 2012.

There is no BS when it comes to Nia, she’s likes things sane and simple.

She will tell it how it is, and sometimes that’s just what you need.

I love discovering new blogs, so add your blog here for me to check out.

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