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If you asked me on Thursday if I was going to run on Saturday it would have been a flat out “no”.  If you asked me a day later on Friday I would have told you “I’m not sure”.

My daughter, the sharing caring child she is gave me a cold.  Of course I got it worse than she did, and thank goodness it didn’t develop into the flu, or in my partners case “man cold” (which is far worse than just a cold).

So Saturday arrived and I actually was feeling a lot better.  Still had a snotty nose, but I wasn’t feeling as congested as I was a few days prior.

I knew in my head the outfit I wanted to wear.  I had decided on my purple Run4The Kids top, and my new Lorna Jane pants with my Lorna Jane headband.
My pants however were no where to be found!  Oh nose! I really wanted to wear them *insert a little foot stamp here*.  So I did a bit of rearranging in the wardrobe, got rid of a few things (so I can get new things 🙂 ) and there they were hiding  in between my jeans, those sneaky pants. But yay they were found. I paired them up with my bluey kayano’s and I was set.

So Tom and I made our way over to Horsham for the club run.  It had been raining in Stawell that morning, and there was a light drizzle as we were leaving just after lunch. Rain hail or shine however, I was going to run.

We arrived in Horsham, and although being overcast a little chilly it wasn’t raining. Slowly the other members and a few invitational runners arrived, and their kids. We had loads of sub juniors, was a great site to see.

It wasn’t long before all the subbies jumped into the ute to be driven to the start line.

There were over 15 sub juniors in the 1km run. It was great to see so many kids wanting to give it a go.  My 2 would have loved to have played with so many other kids their age too. Oh well there is next time.

So while the kids were starting, I went for a quick warm up.

Then there was the waiting game the for the Seniors to start.
I promise you I wasn’t in a bad mood, I just got captured waiting. My handicap time was 13 minutes, and I was going to be starting with Brydie.


Brydie went out fast, and well I wasn’t going to keep up, she was flying! (I think she came in 4th, excellent work, considering she ran 13km the day prior and plans on running 25 on Monday!)

Overall, it was a fast course (aka flat).  I was really happy with how I ran. Set a new pb for 5km at 23:18 yay! I ended up running the 6.5km race in 30:33, happy with that for sure.

So considering I started off the week feeling pretty lousy, and having a low mileage week because I was feeling pretty pathetic, running a good race really topped of the week.


Now I’m really excited about getting back into running and totally crushing those up coming races.


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