Race Recap: Wild Mt Beerimpo

EventWild Mt Beerimpo
Date: Saturday 11th December 2021
Type: Trail
Distance: 21km, 11km & 5km
Where: Cave Hill Creek, Glut Rd, Raglan, Victoria
Event Partners/SponsorsRunning Company Ballarat, Cave Hill Creek, Melton City Runners, Pyrenees Shire Council

Wild Mt Beerimpo was my favourite event for 2020. In fact, I think it was my ONLY event.

In 2021, I leveled up and did 2 events. Geelong Half Marathon, and of course Mt Beerimpo again.

I was tossing up whether to do the half marathon at the Melbourne Marathon Festival. Yet, I wasn’t inspired by it.

When Tour de Trails announced that Beerimpo would be on again, I knew instantly what I was going to do, it was a no-brainer.

Beerimpo is the traditional landowner’s name for the area, it also goes by the English name of Mt Buangor.

The area reminds me of the Gippsland region and took me back to my days at Uni over 20 years ago. I must get back and explore the Gippsland area again.

This year there were 2 new distances, in addition to the 21km. An 11km & a 5km. Maybe in years to come, there will be longer distances, I can only hope.

Due to fewer COVID restrictions, we had a cluster start, rather than wave starts in 2020. This did mean we had a bit of a conga line in the first few kilometers, but it did peter out.

When starting my watch, I somehow didn’t save the option for smart carb reminders, yet I set water reminders.

Last year I was under-fueled and suffered a major cramp with less than 3 km to go. I didn’t want the same thing to happen, so this year, I made sure I had extra fuel packed.

Without the alert, I consumed my fuel whenever I got my drink reminder, or when I felt like I needed it.

Coming into the event, it wasn’t to race it. My aim was for a consistent even effort with a strong finish.

Bumped into a friendly face in Sandra from the Surf Coast. She mentioned that I was looking really fit and that I always do well in these sorts of events. Thanks, Sandra for the confidence boost, was nice to have a reminder that all the hard work that you put in pays off.

If you ever get a chance, add this event to your calendar. While being a summer event, you are shaded for 99% of the run. Being in the mountains it’s also cooler. A part of me was like “oh I regret wearing a singlet, I’m cold”. When the clouds burnt off, the sun came out and the trail really shined.

It’s safe to say that all the training that I’ve been doing in the Grampians paid off. I feel like I NAILED my goals for this event.

My running and fast hiking were consistent. My fuel was spot on (even though I didn’t have the reminders), and I finished strong.

There was a tumble. Soft sand, I slipped and tripped over a tree root. A graze to my leg, but no other injuries or more importantly cramps.

Just prior to my fall, another runner was in a world of pain with a calf cramp. I checked in to see if he was ok. With the help of his mate, he finished just a few minutes after me.

Next time I do this event, I am going to bring my poles. The only reason I didn’t is that I didn’t train with them, and we all know:

Nothing new on race day!

Overall, a stellar event, while cold at the start, the clouds eventually burned off and we were left with stunning views.

Will I be back, of course!

Top: Running Mums Australia Trail
Bottoms: Boody Motivate Shorts
Socks: Injinji
Shoes: Brooks Cascadia 16
Fuel: Water, Cliff gel/chews, Spring energy gel, Golden Circle fruit pouch, salt, and vinegar chips (from the aid station)

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