Goodbye House

For fifteen years, we have lived in this little green house.

The actual age of the house is unknown, as it has had multiple renovations.

We believe it was built around the 1880s, possibly earlier.

It could have been the headmaster’s house to the primary school across the road, which was built in 1865.

While it would have been lovely to restore it due to its history, it’s time to say goodbye.

Packing up our belongings and placing them into storage, we moved out to Halls Gap for the interim.

Then it was a process to get the services disconnected.

While that was happening, we tried to salvage as many usable materials as we could.

The 150-year-old original floorboards were one of those items.

The handmade nails tell us that these were well indeed original.

In the new home, we are hoping to use the floorboards as the steps up to the loft. Or maybe shelving.

Other items we saved, were a few hundred handmade bricks, the bluestone step, and other bits and bobs.

Under the floorboards of the living room we came across an old Christmas card, and bits and pieces of a newspaper.

The card has no date, but whoever wrote it has lovely penmanship.

Based on the headline, I was able to find out that it was from July 1952.

Having lived in this house for so long, there were certainly mixed emotions with knocking it down.

It has been lovely knowing you house. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

While sad to see you go, bigger and better things await.

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