Run Stawell District

You are never sure you are capable of something until you actually give it a go.

My last long run before my Run to Paradise (non) event had all that.

After speaking to my coach we decided on 5 hours if it was going to be more running than walking.

A run like this takes planning.

Mapping out a track, I would include running the outskirts of the district of Stawell, but I would also include the 5km club run towards the end.

The night prior I set out my gear, and packed my bag. My hydration bladder fuel, and a soft flask full of electrolytes.

Then there was the actual food. Which would be copious because I was going to be on my feet for a fair amount of time.

One of the problems with running for that length of time, you just don’t know what foods you are going to feel like.

Which is why I had a bit of everything. Also sourcing gels at the moment is a nightmare. Huck, my go to gel, are currently out of stock until the end of the year, because of a fire in their warehouse. I used my last 2 on this run.

Luckily, after a call out to my running friends, they came up with the goods and sent me spring energy gels. There were past their best before date, but who cares. Best before in my opinion is a guide.

While this is a road run, I treated my fuelling like that of a trail event. Setting my smart carb reminder on my watch is a god send. Takes the guess work out of the equation.

Essentially a traveling picnic. Nothing was off-limits. I had gels, a peanut butter/sweet potato mix in a sinchies pouch, salami sticks, fruit, and roast potatoes.

With the alarm set for 5:15 am (my normal wake up time for work), a quick bite to eat and I was out the door by 5:45.

Because I was incorporating the club run into my long run, I needed to leave early to ensure I would get there in time.

The goal was to arrive at the start line, which would be roughly 35km at the 4-hour mark. Making me run at an average pace of 6:45.

Guess what! I arrived, bang on 4 hours, arriving at Jack’s track at 9:45. However, it would be another 30 minutes before the club run actually started. Waiting around wasn’t ideal, but I kept moving, ate some food, drank some water and chatted to a few of the club members.

This weeks club run was a sealed handicap. That meant that we all started off at the same time. I knew I was going to slow.

Getting going again after 30 minutes was hard going. The legs were protesting, but they did it, finishing the 5k, in 30:19. With handicaps added there is no surprise to find out I was dead last.

After crossing the line, I knew there was no point waiting around for presentations, so I waved goodbye, and told the committee that I wouldn’t be staying around. I still had another 2km before reaching home.

Lessons Learned on the Run

  • The sunrise was nonexistent
  • Lorikeets and Rosella’s were having a field day eating all the gum flowers
  • It got really sunny, and I didn’t think to pack a hat
  • I lasted 24km with just the sounds of nature. I then turned to podcasts and music.
  • The sweet potato/peanut butter paste was delicious but too thick. I will have to modify the recipe for next time.
  • Roast potatoes for the win!
  • I hope I don’t have to be on my feet for that length of time for Paradise.

Top: Spartan Hi-Vis
Bottoms: Boody Shorts
Bra: Panache Sports
Socks: Skin Compression
Shoes: New Balance Beacon’s
Fuel: Water, Tailwind, huck nutrition, Goulburn Valley fruit pouch, spring energy gels, sweet potato/peanut butter, roast potato

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