Running Bucket List V3

Every runner has a list of runs they want to do. I wrote my first running bucket list back in 2014.

It was then updated in 2018.

Is it sad that I have only crossed off two runs from my 2018 list?

These events from my 2018 list I still want to do.

  1. Tassie Trail Fest (TAS)
  2. Yurrebilla Trail (SA)
  3. Mt Misery Trail Run (SA)
  4. Stromlo Trail Fest (ACT)
  5. Run the Rock (VIC)

Logistically however I know it’s going to take time to knock them off. Which is why I have a 3 year plan, on events I know I want to do.

Some runs I want to do to mark anniversaries. While others are more because of locations, and I can incorporate holidays into them too.


  • Melbourne Marathon – Half Marathon

There aren’t many events that are catching my eye this year. I’ve either done them before, or just not feeling the love.

The reason why I want to do Melbourne Marathon, is because I simply haven’t done it.


  • Warburton Trail Fest – 50k
  • Run Melbourne – Half Marathon (marking 10 years since my 1st half)
  • Melb Marathon – Full Marathon (42k for 42)

Warburton Trail Fest has been on my list for ages. It’s handled by the same event team that does Gold Rush Trail Run, Surf Coast Trail Marathon, Afterglow Trail Run, so you know it’s going to be fun.


  • UTA – 50k
  • Alpine Challenge – 25km

I knew after I did UTA in 2019, that I wanted to come back to do the 50km. First I had to make sure I could do a 50, which I did later that year at Surf Coast Century.


  • SCTM (Surf Coast Trail Marathon) – Full Marathon (marking 10 years since I started trail running)


  • Razorback – 22 or 40k

Now the question is will I cross these off. Only time will tell, and I will have fun trying.

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