Geelong half Marathon 2021

In 2013 I ran the Geelong Half Marathon for the first time.

It would be another 8 years before I would go back and revisit an event I truly enjoyed.

Running along the Barwon River the course is flat (with a few rises), but also scenic.

With the event falling during the Easter school holidays, I thought it would be a great opportunity to not only go visit my family but also detour down to Geelong for a cheeky race-paced long run.

My aim for Geelong was to run a 5:30 pace or better.

Due to COVID restrictions, there was a rolling start. Meaning you could start at any time between 7:15 and 7:45am. Your race time would be recorded from when you crossed the start/finish line, and not gun time.

It was cold, and the weather had potential to be wild, and utterly miserable. Luckily the rain cell moved over us on our travel down, and we missed the worst of it.

Upon arrival, we scored an excellent parking spot, only a short walk to the starting line, detouring of course to the loo for a pre-race wiz.

There were already runners on course. Since I didn’t have to wait around for a race wave, I check my gear, loaded my watch and I was off.

You start of by doing a lap of the Belmont Common (yes it’s really called that), oval, before taking the Barwon River Trail.

Naturally fell into a rhythm. I was comfortable but was going a solid pace.

There were always runners on course, that you would pass, or they would pass you. That was the beauty of a rolling start. You never once felt alone.

At 55 minutes (roughly 11km), I decided to put on some tunes, as I was sick of being in my own head. Sometimes you just need a dance party.

Around the 17-18km mark I passed a fellow running friend. Was great to see a friendly face.

Picking up the pace I powered on home with a smile on my face. Crossing the line with a new course pb of 1h51m24s.

I was really happy with how I ran this race. I felt strong, consistent but most importantly I felt happy.

TopOperation Move
Bottoms: Boody Motivate Shorts
Bra: Panache Sports
Socks: Skin Compression
Shoes: New Balance Beacon
Fuel: Water, huck nutrition, spring energy gels

1 thought on “Geelong half Marathon 2021”

  1. Smashed your goal !!! Awesome. Going from strength to strength.

    PS: Why it’s called Belmont Common is a “common” is a piece of open land for public use.

    Awesome work Matilda, and love the direction your blog has gone.

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