Speedwork Sessions #20 – The Magic Mile

The Mile (1.6km) is an underrated distance. Especially when it comes to training.

Here in Australia, we use the metric system so the mile gets overlooked.

Mile repeats have featured in my speedwork sessions, but this particular workout is designed to get you your best mile.

Similar to a time trial, the Magic Mile will tell you if you are improving.

The Magic Mile

The Warm Up

  • 5min walk

Phase 1

  • Easy Run 1 min, walk 1 min, repeat x 6

Phase 2

  • Run 800m @ Steady pace
  • Walk 3 min

The Magic Mile

  • 1600m / 1 Mile – as fast as you can.

Phase 3

  • Walk 3 min
  • Run 800m @ Steady pace

Phase 4

  • Walk 1 min, easy run 1 min, repeat x 6

The Cooldown

  • 5 min recovery walk

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