Ultimate Running Date #35

April saw me increase my running distance and start focusing more on speed.

I’m not as fast as I use to be, but I am building up to it.  In time I will get back to where I was, better and stronger.

So let’s lace up those shoes, and go for a run, and catch up on all things running related.

First up the SAAC running season has officially kicked off.

The first race of the season was the Barham Insurance Sealed Handicap.

I went into this racing knowing I wasn’t going to be fast.  My intention was to keep a solid pace.  It was also quite warm which I knew was going to affect the speed.

The track ended up being short.  I recorded the route being 4.6km.  I still gave it all I could and finished in a time of 24:42.

The home stretch was an uphill battle.  It was also hot, and I was giving it all I had.

Injury has caused my right glute to weaken.  While I’m doing exercises to strengthen it, I really start to feel it ache while going uphill.

I look at this photo and a part of me is like

OMG I’m so fat

The other part of me is like

Injury has changed me.

This is who I am.  Injury has changed my physique, but in time I will be lean and strong, in mind body & spirit.

April Running Statistics

Distance – 76km
Total Hours – 10
Longest Distance 
– 9.2km
Number of Activities 
– 17

Friday’s will now be my allocated long-run day.  While this is not ideal if I want to race well in club races, it is what it is.

In the coming weeks, those Friday runs will transition from road to out on the trails.

I’ve also started up weekly speedwork sessions.  I’m alternating them with intervals on the track, and hill repeats.  To give me variety and to ensure I don’t get bored.

Overall Running Statistics

Total Running Distance 294km
Monthly Average 73.5km
2017 Kilometre Prediction 882km

How did Running & April treat you?

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