Product Review – Under Armour Bandit 2

First off I’d like to apologise to Running Heroes and Under Armour for this seriously late blog post.

I was given the opportunity to review these shoes back in September 2016.

The shoes were sent to me while I was on holidays.

By the time I got back from holidays, I did one run in the shoes before I got sick.

Then I got injured.

Now can you understand why this review is nearly 6 months in the making!

So now that we have the back story let’s get to it.

Under Armour Bandit 2

The Specs

Terrian – Road
Support – Stability
Offset – 10mm
Weight – 230g

When I first got these shoes I was advised that they were neutral shoes similar to the Speedform Gemini.

However, upon doing some research it appears it’s actually a stability shoe.

While there are various stability shoes out there, with varying support, I find that these feel more like neutral shoes, but with a little extra support.

This could just be my running style (as I know one-foot rolls in a little more than the other), or me just noticing these things since being injured.

Lightweight, comfortable and stylish these shoes are now my go-to run shoe for those 5-8km distance runs.

Ok so I haven’t really done any runs over 8km since being injured but I haven’t had any issues in these trainers since wearing them.

They are a fantastic trainer for general everyday running.

What I Love

  • The fit
  • Unique tongue shape
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Lightweight

What I Dislike

  • The heel cup is not effective in locking the heel in place.

With the lace locking system and wearing the right type of socks, this problem can be solved.

Overall I love this shoe.  In fact, I’ve nicknamed these runners Ned.  As in Ned Kelly the bushranger.

I see much more kilometres being clocked up in these shoes.

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  1. I have these; would also say they are more neutral than stability for sure! They are super comfy though!

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