September; Where’s it at?

“Here comes September”

Do you remember this song? All the way back from 2002!

I thought it was fitting since September has come and now gone, and it also fits in nicely with this month’s collection of words.

Sandals – The one item I forgot to pack for my holiday. Have no idea why I didn’t think to pack them, but I did. Made do without them.

Beach – Visited many beaches while on holiday.

Bermagui Stone Beach

This beach had all these rocks washed up on the shore, there were so many interesting rocks.  Yes, I took a few home.

A few days later we visited this beach again, and they were all washed away. Love how the beach changes.


Parkrun – I actually ran two park runs in 2 different states in 2 consecutive weeks. Point Cook & Bega. I ran Bega Parkrun with Kayla, she did fantastic on 3:1 run/walk intervals.  She got tired at the end.  I think 3km is more here limit, but I’m sure the more she does it the better she will get at it.

Geocaching – We did loads of it while on holiday.  There were some creative containers out there. There were also a lot of caches that were placed in my opinion in really dump places, and obviously placed so you can increase your cache numbers.

We preferred the caches where you had to walk for a bit and were out of the way, making it more fun and adventurous.

Eating – So many delicious foods while on holiday. From fresh fish, caught by the family, to local milk & cheese from Tilba Dairy, to artisan sourdough from HonorBread.


We ate well, that is all I can say.

Watching – Whales, seals, dolphins out at sea.

Our holiday accommodation was only a stone’s throw away from a lookout location to watch all these magnificent creatures.

Reading – Courtney Cole’s Nocte Trilogy.  It was all a little confusing and repetitive at times.  Sadly I didn’t rate the last book very high because of it.

Working – Full time.  Yep, I come back from holidays into a full-time position.  I was pretty much working full time anyway, but now my hours are set, and I won’t be called in to work.

Now I need to find a work/life balance.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

What words would you use to describe September?

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