Project 52 – Week 12

So I’m sitting on the couch scrolling through my Facebook feed when a friend shared a post from Sportsbet.

She shared it because it had a Northern Grampians Shire bin in it.

I’m looking at the photo, think, gez that looks awfully familiar.

Then it hit me.  The photo is of our garden!

In fact, Sportsbet took the photo from this blog post on Sustainable Living.

Now I could have gotten angry that Sportsbet stole my photo, but I actually found it funny, and totally weird. My photo when viral.  Look at those shares and the comments!

This brings me to this week’s photo.

Week 12 – Garden

The veggie patch that we dug up, isn’t really in use, so I decided to take some photos of the part of the garden we have actually put a lot of work into recently, and that’s at the front of the house.

The lavender is currently in flower and just looks magical, especially with the extra light from the setting sun.

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