Product Review: Merrell Womens Hibiscus Sandals

Colorado doesn’t have physical shops anymore (they do have an online presence, however). I have always loved their products, especially their shoes.


See these sandals.  I had them for at least 10 years before I was forced to put them into retirement (aka the bin).

These of course were the sandals I always took when I went on holiday.

It wasn’t until I got to my mum’s house recently and went to put them on that I discovered that the sole was completely worn and torn and broken.

It was time to get them replaced. Bye bye, Colorado’s, you served me well.

I knew the type of sandals that I wanted to get.  I didn’t want anything like a flip-flop/ thong.  I also wanted a strap around the heel. I wanted a sandal that was solid, comfortable for walking in, but also stylish.

I ended up finding what I wanted at The Athlete’s Foot store in Werribee.

The Athlete’s Foot doesn’t just do running shoes, they also have a variety of walking shoes and sandals.

Merrell has been around for over 25 years, and they provide outdoor enthusiasts a quality performance product for both active and urban activities and environments.

The Merrell Hibiscus sandals come in two colors black (shown) and ivory.  I loved the teal accents of the ivory, but I just didn’t like them with my skin tone. So I went with the black/grey instead.

One of the first things I noticed when I put these sandals on was not only how light in weight they were, but their softness and comfort.

This all comes down to the Merrell design of Q form.

Merrell understands that women move differently from men, so they have designed a product to reflect that.

Some main aspects of their design are:

  • Air cushion at heel strike
  • Firm support at the midsole
  • Neutral density cushioning

That might sound like a whole bunch of jibberish for some of you, but to make it super clear these are the type of sandals you could walk for hours in.


And hours of walking I did in these shoes, no rubbing, chaffing, or blisters occurred, just super cushioned comfort with each stride I took.

If you are looking for a quality sandal that offers style, comfort, and lightweight, then do consider these shoes.

I was not asked to review these shoes, and the full purchased price was paid for this product

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