Product Review: Merrell Womens Hibiscus Sandals

Colorado don’t have physical shops any more (they do have an online presences however). I have always loved their products, especially their shoes.

See these sandals.  I had them for at least 10 years before I was forced to put them into retirement (aka the bin).

These of course were the sandal’s I always took when I went on holidays.

It wasn’t until I got to my mums house recently and went to put them on that I discovered that the sole was completely worn and torn and broken.

It was time to get them replaced. Bye bye Colorado’s, you served me well.

I knew the type of sandals that I wanted to get.  I didn’t want anything like a flip flop/ thong.  I also wanted a strap around the heal. I wanted a sandal that was solid, but comfortable for walking in, but also stylish.

I ended up finding what I wanted at The Athelete’s Foot store in Werribee.

The Athlete’s Foot don’t just do running shoes, they also have a variety of walking shoes and sandals.

Merrell have been around for over 25 years, and they provide outdoor enthusiasts a quality performance product for both active and urban activities and environments.

The Merrell Hibiscus sandals come in two colours black (shown) and ivory.  I loved the teal accents of the ivory, but I just didn’t like them with my skin tone. So I went with the black/grey instead.

One of the first things I noticed when I put these sandal’s on was not only how light in weight they were, but their softness and comfort.

This all comes down to the Merrell design of Qform.

Merrell understand that women move differently to men, so they have designed a product to reflect that.

Some main aspects of their design are:

  • Air cushion at heel strike
  • Firm support at the midsole
  • Neutral density cushioning

That might sound like a whole bunch of jibberish for some of you, but to make it super clear these are the type of sandals you could walk for hours in.

And hours of walking I did in these shoes, no rubbing, chaffing or blisters occurred, just super cushioned comfort with each stride I took.

If you are looking for a quality sandal that offers style, comfort and lightweight, then do consider these shoes.

I was not asked to review these shoes, and full purchased price was paid for this product

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