June: Where’s it at?

Getting: Colder.  Today it’s not even going to get to double digits.  Yeah, I don’t like that.  The only good thing winter is good for is running.

Yep deadly serious on that one.  Running in Australian winter is the best. It’s the perfect temperature.

I mean check out this ripper view from my run on Sunday.


Making: Chicken egg pie for dinner. It’s a comfort dish, perfect on this cold wet miserable winter’s day.

Cooking: Pete Evan’s Ham Hock Soup.  I modified this one for the pressure cooker. Would you like me to share it? Then comment below.

Drinking: Gloria Jeans Hazelnut Praline Coffee.  It’s a fav, and it’s so delicious on these cold days.

Reading: A variety of books:

  • Jenny-Plague Bringer by LJ Bryant. It’s book 4 (and the final book) in the Paranormal series.  I’m reading this one on the iPad, and I’m only about a third of the way through.
  • Unbecoming by Jenny Downham.  This one is a book I can hold in my hands.  I read this one when the kids have stolen the iPad to play on it.
  • Crimson Peak by Nancy Holder.  This one is an audiobook, which I’m listening to while doing housework or knitting.  Apparently, it’s a book based on a movie.  I have no idea.  I saw it in our local Bolinda audio library and thought it sounded good, so giving it a go.

Wanting: Winter to over already. I’ve got chilblains because it’s been so cold.  I don’t like chilblains. They suck.

Looking: Forward to the weekend, cause it will be my sister’s birthday.  It will be a big one. The Big 4-0!

Playing: Guess who with Miles.  He is finally understanding board games, even though he doesn’t get that I’m playing to make him win.  The things we do as parents.

Deciding: On what I need to pack for our weekend away in Melb

Wishing: My sister has a wonderful birthday.

Wondering: Why I didn’t think to get Miles some long sleeve tops when we went shopping?

Miles Bookworm

Loving: Miles’ got his first award for school.  He was awarded the School Council reading award. So very proud of my bookworm. 

Pondering: On what activities to do with the kids while we are in Melbourne.

Considering: Going to the movies on Friday to see Me Before You.  It better be as good as the book

Buying: A winter wardrobe for the kids. They have had a massive growth spurt.

Watching: Orange is the New Black.  I’m kinda disappointed in it (just about to start season 4).  I think I need a new TV show to watch.  And no I have no interest in Game of Thrones.

Hoping: My race on Sunday goes well.  Decided to do the 9.4km Trail Blazers at the You Yangs on Sunday.

Cringing: At the dirty tactics of politicians.

Questioning: How kids’ clothes are disappearing? I swear they grow legs and just disappear.

Smelling: Coldness.

Wearing: Multiple layers of clothing to keep warm.

Noticing: The sun streams through the winter, and it’s glorious (even though it’s still cold).

Knowing:  That the shortest day of the year has passed, summer is on its way! Ok, I’m wishful thinking.

Thinking: Where should I drop the rest of my deadly ducks?
Admiring: That my work colleagues are helping out a fellow worker, in a time of need.

Disliking: That broccoli is $7.90 in the supermarket.  Yep, no joke.  It’s winter, it’s a winter vegetable, so why the hell is it so damn expensive! Not happy Jan!

Feeling: Like I need another hot drink. Hot chocolate it is then.

Snacking: Cheese and crackers.  Winning.

Hearing: Sarah McLachlan – Full of Grace.

Needing: A nap or a sleep-in.  Too much to do though. Oh well, I will just have to suck it up.

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