High Five Good Friday

Not only is it Friday (yay), but it’s also a Good Friday at that.

However, you spend your Easter, make sure it’s a good one.

Let’s get to it with today’s High Five Friday Post.

Five Pictures


.1. Feeling on top of the world on the Major Mitchell Plateau

.2. The view that you will get when you discover our Geocache.  You can follow us on Instagram using #kami_tomato

.3. Excited! A drawing by Miles.  This one is a keeper, and frame-worthy

.4. The sunrise. The colours were just spectacular.

.5. Another Geocache find. This one doesn’t get found very often. We were the first visit to this cache since last year.

Five Things

.1. The Great Dictator Final Speech combined with Hans Zimmers “Time” (from the movie Inception), will move you to change.


.2. The Paradox of our times a perfect follow-up the Dictator’s speech.

.3. Morgan Freeman’s dramatic reading of Justin Beiber’s “Love Yourself”


.4. 10 Moves to keep you healthy

If you are a runner, then these moves will also help you to get stronger and faster.  What runner doesn’t want that?!

.5. New to trail running?  Well here are 13 must-knows for all beginner trail runners.

What do you give a High Five to this Good Friday?

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