Running with Kayla

Kayla loves to run.

She runs 1-2km with SAAC (local running club) when the season is going.

Her best 1km is around 5:25, which some adults struggle with.

She has asked if she can come on one of my runs, as she is wanting to build up to 5km.

I decided to do 4:1 intervals with her. Run 4 minutes walk 1.

Running Kayla

Her first run since the running season closed and we ventured out on a 3km run.

Choosing the 4:1 method we finished in 22:29mins.  Which is impressive for a 9-year-old in my opinion.

Due to having to work and other commitments, we didn’t get an opportunity to go out on a run until we went on our holiday.

This run started off great.

Run Kayla

4:1 intervals were chosen again.  However this time it all went pear shape.

Apparently, the running was too long, and the walking sections were not long enough.

I knew she could do it, as she has done it before, so I’m not too sure why it failed.

During this run, we covered 2.8km in 21:40.  Not quite the 4km I was hoping for, but there will be the next time.

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