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Thanks to Running Bloggers I have found a lot of other like-minded runners who love to run and blog.  One of those particular blogs happens to be Amy over at Running Escapades.

Back in May, she blogged about an id band.  Now there are loads of ID bands out there for runners.  When I first thought about getting an id band I was leaning towards RoadID.  The first responders that RoadID has is a great idea, but at the same time, I thought it a bit pointless for country Australia where reception can be pretty sketchy in some places. So I put the idea of getting an id band on the shelf.

Then Amy swoops in and blogs about her 1bandid.  So I had a look at their website, and I was very impressed with the product (and the cleanliness of the site).  I couldn’t however find if they delivered to Australia.  I mentioned this in my response to Amy in her blog.
Lo and behold a few days later someone from 1bandid responded to my reply on her blog and informs me that yes they do deliver to Australia.  Needless to say, I did a happy dance.

Deciding on a colour was difficult.  I honestly could not think of which colour to get, so many choices.  I decided on orange.


It arrived about 2 weeks later.  I was super excited when it came.  I put it on my watch straight away.  I have tiny wrists (like seriously at 14cm | 4.5in) so to get it in the right spot on the watch and make the watch still fit proved a challenge, but I got there.

I chose the 1bandid over road id because I loved how you could put it on your watch, rather than another bracelet to deal with, which would drive me batty (fit bit is the exception, which doesn’t worry you’ll have a review on that soon). And me with small wrists, bracelets just don’t work.

It’s safe to say I love my 1bandid. It’s perfect for me because well I always run with my watch, so I just leave it on there. I have 2 contact numbers my BFF and my dad. Oh and if you are wondering what my ‘Power Saying’ is it’s “Go out and Crush it!” (I can thank runner academy for that one).

Overall I’m very happy with my purchase and with the product itself.

This is not a sponsored post. I was not given this item.
I paid for the 1bandid out of my own expenses.
This is my review and all opinions are of my own.


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12 thoughts on “1BandID”

    1. And I totally get the not sure if they deliver to your country part. I don’t live in the US either, so sometimes I’m unable to buy the lovely things I see on other healthy living/running blogs. 🙁

    2. I do a lot of trail running, but the trails I run on get used quite a bit. Either way it’s great to have as an added security. I will properly get something similar for my kids (as they suffer allergies) at some stage.

  1. Hi Matilda!
    I LOVE your 1Bandid review! My daughter was given a road id as a gift for training for a kids’ tri. She loved it but it didn’t last too long, it soon ripped and she could no longer wear it.
    I think I’ll be getting her a 1Bandid along with my younger daughter, who hasn’t started running a lot yet but she is hearing impaired so she would find everyday use for it with her medical needs.
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Bummer that the roadid didn’t last long. Maybe have something attached to her shoe instead.
      At the moment Master M only runs with me (he is only 4).
      Miss K is happy to run on her own, but she doesn’t know if running is her thing yet, so I wont get them one until they are a bit older. Even if it’s just a normal id band.

  2. I’ve been toying with which ID to get for a while. I haven’t made the leap to a Garmin watch just yet so I’m still running with my phone. I’ve actually found a few apps that allow you to add contact info like this to the lock screen image which is working pretty well for now. But I love the idea that the ID fits on the watch. If I ever invest in one, I will definitely look into a 1bandID – such a great idea!

    1. The beaut thing about 1bandid is that it can fit any watch, not just garmin (as they aren’t the only ones who make gps watches). They aren’t overly costly too, which is another plus (the 1bandid that is).

  3. Thanks for the review. I wanted to get an ID and couldn’t decide which one. Your Aussie review got me over the line and I ordered one. I think it is great wearing the id on your wrist, because then they can find it easily.

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