Cafe Review: Thr1ve

On Day 2 of my 21dsd I found myself eating out.

So what do you eat when 99.9% of fast food places are off limits?

Why should be eating real food be so damn hard? It should be easy right?

Enter Thr1ve. Their motto is simple. Real food, always gluten free & no added sugar.

You deserve to look, feel and perform your best.

Real food sourced locally, rich in quality proteins and good fats, always gluten free and with no added sugar. We provide a fully customisable seasonal menu to reflect your unique needs and objectives, eliminating the guesswork and compromise in eating well on the go.

We will change the way you think about “fast food” forever.

With 4 location around Australia there may not be many of them, but believe me they are totally worth it.

Thr1ve Melb
Thr1ve Level 3 The Emporium, Melbourne CBD

Knowing that I was going to be eating out I downloaded their menu before hand so I was prepared.  This also makes asking for modifications so much easier.

They have a good range of foods that are reasonably priced (when you base it on quality), but most importantly full of flavour and completely satisfying.

Having armed myself with knowledge beforehand I asked for the pulled pork without the mango salsa, and ask for the dressing that was on the chicken meal, which was a lemon basil pesto instead. I also ordered an organic hard boiled egg.

Presented in a boat bowl, you are greeted to a world of colour.

Thr1ve-pulled pork
The meal was utterly delicious. What a taste sensation!

My chosen base’s were leafy greens with balsamic and sweet potato & cauli mash.

Piled on top of that was (obviously slow cooked) pulled pork which just melted in your mouth.

The lemon basil pesto had the right balance of flavours, from sweet, sour, tang and crunch. Which compliment the pork, but I could see how it would work better with chicken.

Tom chose the organic grass fed beef with raw slaw (same base).

Thr1ve - grassfed beef

He too thoroughly enjoyed his meal.  However he did find the slaw a bit too bulky, and would have preferred it more finely chopped (in length, not width).

So if you are ever in the Melbourne CBD, and looking for an quick by completely healthy meal, definitely drop into Thr1ve.  You wont be disappointed.

7 thoughts on “Cafe Review: Thr1ve”

  1. Those pictures look fabulous!! Seriously you are my “foodie” role model! I wish I could say I am even half as awesome as you are with eating fabulously. But I am not the most creative with coming up with healthy alternatives. That and if my friends want to go out, I let them pick the places and well lets just say it usually doesn’t leave me with many options:)
    But seriously, you are a good role model!

    1. Theses were just from my phone, and in terrible lighting. So they could have been better.
      It’s weird being called a role model, but thanks. I try, and I can help just one person change their happens, then that’s what matters.

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