Blog Everyday in January 2015

Back in May 2014 thanks to Claire Hewitt I was inspired to blog every day.

It was hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

With a new year, I thought that I would bite the bullet and do it again. Am I actually that CRAZY to want to do this again?

Yes, I’m apparently I am crazy.

So with the celebration of a new year, let’s do this. Let’s blog every day in January 2015.

Blogging is and can be hard work. So here is a list of table topics I’ve created for you to use.


Feel free to use them or not, it’s up to you.

Blogging Idea’s

  1. Your List of Goals for 2015
  2. A Recap of 2014 goals & achievements
  3. The Ultimate Coffee Date (link up)
  4. Celebrations. What do you have to celebrate?
  5. Your Meal Plan for the week
  6. 10 random facts about you
  7. Take a Break. What’s your thing to do to relax?
  8. Would you rather? The New Years Edition
  9. Confession Friday
  10. Your current playlist
  11. A day in the life – write about your day, from beginning to end
  12. A moment when you realised you could?
  13. Create a five-minute workout, for anyone to do anywhere
  14. A song that makes you happy or inspires you
  15. Write a letter to 18-year-old you.
  16. Why do you run/work out?
  17. Share a blog you enjoy reading (link up)
  18. Your favourite posts from your blog (or most viewed)
  19. Motivation Monday
  20. Interview a fellow blogger
  21. Wordless Wednesday
  22. List 5 places in your country you want to visit
  23. List 5 places overseas you want to visit
  24. A Book Review
  25. Free day (write whatever you would like to write about)
  26. Does your mind wander? Thoughts while running or working out
  27. What has your past taught you about living today
  28. How do you fit in running/workout?
  29. Being fit is?
  30. Your top healthy living tools
  31. Check your direction. Where do you want to go?

I’ve also created a button for you to use —->
Right click the image and “save link as” to save the image to your computer to upload to your blog / site.

To follow or join in on the twitter / instagram conversation use the hashtag #RMbloginJan.

Do you accept the Challenge?
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