SAAC Race Recap: Hyperno Melb Mara Warm up

Name: Hyperno Melbourne Marathon Warm up
Distance: 16km
Location: Stawell Ironbarks

Hyperno was a race horse who won the Melbourne cup in 1979.

The Melbourne Marathon will be running on the 12th October.

I’m telling you this random information because I simply can.

This particular club run use to be the Charlie Jones Handicap.  However Charlie (a former member) is no longer running with the club, so the current president decided to change the name of the run and he chose this one.

The sun was out again, the the temperature was perfect for running.

All throughout the morning I was thinking, “gez I wish we ran in the morning, we could be over by now”.

Starting at 2pm for a run is late, it also stuffs up what to eat prior.  Nothing worse than running on an unsettled stomach.  I made the decision to eat lunch early at 11:45, and made sure I was hydrated beforehand.

hyperno-map-2014The course was slightly different to last years course. If anything slightly more challenging, but still a great course.

My stupid garmin took FOREVER to locate satellites.  We had already started to run by the time they were located, so my garmin stats state I only ran 15.95km but it was definitely 16km.

I also made the decision to start at the back of the pack.  The start of the course was downhill, and I knew if I started at the front, I would go way too fast.

My goal for the race was to keep a solid 5min per/km pace, and I was really happy how I ran this club run.

runmum-3The course was a 2 lap figure eight(ish) course. Or 4 laps of 4km loops.  See the map, easier to explain.

The advantages of having a course like this are:

  • The start/finish area was also the drink station for 4km/8km/12km
  • A runner could pull out (if needed) at 4km/8km or 12km
  • More enjoyable for spectators, as the runners come through the start/finish checkpoint 3 times.
  • It’s also easier to check in how the runners are going.

RockMyRun music filled my ipod, and it helped pass the time.

On this run I also witnessed black wallabies crossing my path. I nearly squashed a stumpy tail lizard, but leaped over him at the last minute.  The white winged chough (pronounced coughs), were entertaining to watch as well.

runmum-5The scenery was just magic. Wildflowers were popping up and it was just colourful. Yay for spring.

No one over took me and I didn’t pass anyone.  In fact it was almost like I was out on my own.

Once I got to my last lap, I was tired, but I knew I didn’t have far to go.  At the last turn I changed my music to “Shake it off” and powered home, crossing the line in a time of 1h19m26s.

Yes I was extremely pleased with my time.  Last year saw a time of 1h21m07s.  Yes slightly different course, but I still knocked it out of the park.

Knowing I can run this course (which is hilly), with a 5min pace affirms that I will be able to get a half marathon time of 1h45m.

You can view my Garmin details here.


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