High Five Friday #3

It’s been one crazy (in a good way) week here in the RunMum household.

I’ve been helping Kayla’s grade out with swimming lessons. Miles got a stomach bug, and I also started my new job!

So lets get straight to it.

Five Pictures

High Five #3
1. Tom and I built another path, this time, down the side of the house.  We will eventually do some landscaping. We are planning on planting little daisies like these along the side, make it more homey.

2. Poor Miles had an allergic reaction.  I’m suspecting a cupcake as I have had him a gluten free diet this week, and this was the only gluten item he had. An antihistamine helped reduce the swelling.  Allergies suck, that is all.

3. I started a new job.  You are looking at the new check out chick at Woolworths. Did my induction on Wednesday, a few hiccups, but I did it!

4. Mapped out “King of the Mountain” for the run club, as I wont be there for the actual run as I’ll be away on holidays.
I just want to add that the track is SHOCKING.  They’ve run a grater or a dozer through the track, and it’s aweful in some places.  I know it needed to be done, but still makes it look crapola.

5. I’m so loving the colours of spring.  This tree (it’s a plum tree of some sorts), didn’t know what colour it wanted to be, blossoming in white and bright pink.

Five Things

1. If you didn’t already know, I love trail running, so when this article came up in my newsfeed on facebook I could totally relate and agree with it.  You can read the article here Trail Running Etiquette.

2. While trying to find other running bloggers based in Australia I came across Running Mums Australia.  They have a fantastic facebook group were we mums can talk about what we love.  Running.

3.  It was because of Running Mums Aust (aka RMA) that I came across Running Duds.

I don’t need any more running shorts at the moment, however when I do, I’m so picking up some of these guys.  How fun are they!

4. Miles loves Weetbix, but since it’s 100% gluten I had to find an alternative. I thought I would try him on porridge (gluten free certified). That’s how I came across this website.

I made Miles the Coconut Oats, and he absolute LOVED it.

What are you giving a high five to this week?

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