The Worst Smell in the World


Yesterday we had the best Smell in the world.

Today we are going to the other smell of the spectrum.  The worst smell.

Now there are a lot of nasty smells out there.  Here are my 5 worst smells.

1. Fish/Shellfish

I’ve never liked shellfish (for as long as I can remember). The smell of it however omg, it wants me to curl over, vomit, and die. Seriously that smell is nasty.

Now I know some people love the smell.  I am not that person.

I also have an intolerance to shellfish, so that could be one of the reasons why I don’t like the smell. Either way, gross.

2. Baby/Toddler Poo

This is for the parents out there, you know what I mean. Those nappies can get pretty feral.  Especially when the poo explosions happen. But when I child starts eating solids, wow their poo gets stinky.

Oh, the joys of being a parent hey.

3. Road Kill

Need I say more

4. Farts

While I know it’s a natural part of life and so on, but seriously those silent ones are deadly!

5. Vomit

Self-explanatory really.

Now, most people don’t like the smell of parmesan cheese because it reminds them of vomit. The reason why is thanks to Butyric acid, read more about that here.

Not to leave on a sour note, here is a pretty image to look at instead (yes one of mine)


4 thoughts on “The Worst Smell in the World”

  1. Nothing worse than having to change the nappy of someone else’s toddler. Ewwww. It is yet another reason why child care workers need better pay.

  2. 1. skins & hides places – rotting lard/skins is gross
    2. blood & bone factory – just as gross!
    3. scrap bucket that’s overdue for emptying (this one used to make me dry reach as a kid)
    4. rotting/over ripe banana’s (why I hated them as a kid)
    5. vomit.

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