Would You Rather #5

I have to thank Olive to Run for these would you rather surveys.  I just have to share, cause well It’s fun and a laugh. And we can all do with a bit of amusement in our lives.

Would you rather… Be dressed up like a Zombie for a race OR be chased by a Zombie during a race?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

You know what I’d love to dress up as a Zombie, that would be loads of fun.  This would so be me. (Both the male squealing, and the evil dead zombie chick… bwhahahahaha)

Would you rather… train with Chuck Norris or train with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnie for sure, just so I could get him to say “more energy”.

Would you rather…Get stuck in an elevator after a race with other people and have to pee or get stuck in a port-a-potty at your race?

I’d rather have the elevator. Cause port-a-potty can get nasty.

Would you rather… drink milk as you run your race or drink soda/pop?

My initial thought was milk, but then I realised, that no milk would make my bell upset because I’m lactose intolerant.  So I’ll go with the soda.

Would you rather… puke all the way down the front of yourself during a race or have someone ELSE puke on your foot?

Both are gross, but at least if someone else pukes on my foot, I don’t have to deal with the mess and smell on my clothes.

Would you rather… be three feet taller than you currently are or three feet shorter than you currently are?

Hmm to be 3′ 6″ or 8’6″ | 106cm or 259cm.  I’ll go with being 3’6″ | 106cm.

Would you rather… sing call me maybe on repeat during a race OR do the macarena the entire race?

Doing the macarena would take up too much energy, I think I’ll go with singing call me maybe. I’m sure I will learn to hate and love it.  Like Marshall and Ted with “500 Miles”.

Would you rather… have someone’s snot rocket hit you in the face or someone’s blood from chaffing hit you in the face?

Both are totally gross but the snot rocket, cause at least then I could flick it back on them.  Blood has too many implications.

Would you rather… receive a beautiful, shiny medal at the end of your race OR have the race organizers donate $100 to a charity after you finish a race?

Although getting medals are nice, they are a waste of space and you don’t need a medal to tell you how awesome (or crap) you did in a race. Let’s pay it forward with the charity.

Would you rather… “hit the wall” halfway through your race distance and struggle the rest of the way OR get close to the end feeling great the whole time but end up having to DNF?

I’d rather hit the wall and struggle and finish even if it was dead last than have a DNF recorded against me.

So what would you rather?
Answer some or answer all!

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