Whole30 Pantry Clean out & Why your crisper is not working for you

Yes I’m doing another round of Whole30, not Paleo30 like last time.

So why another round?

Well, why not? Also for the fact that my eating has gotten out of control.  I need to break some bad habits and get back to eating the way I know my body will benefit.

I’m steering clear of nightshades, so tomatoes & eggplants.  Sorry I love you and all, and I know you are great for me, but you don’t love me. More so my body doesn’t love you. Breaking out with eczema on round your mouth and having an upset belly, yeah no fun, so yes, no nightshades.

In prep for whole30, I’ve done a pantry & fridge clean-out.

First up was the fridge.  I had to do a clean-out well cause I had lots of veggies and fruits that I needed to put in there to get me through the week.

I will let you know now that your crisper is crap.  Seriously. Stop using it. It’s not working for you, and you know it’s not working for you, so why are you using it? Because you haven’t been taught any other way.

The purpose of the crisper is to allow more of less air in through small vents located by the slide control (more modern refrigerators). The colder the air is the less humid the environment. A humid environment keeps water in vegetables. Foods such as lettuce, berries, and mushrooms should be kept in the crisper compartment.

The only problem is that it’s poorly placed.  It’s at the bottom of your fridge, and it just makes you waste food.  How many times have you forgotten what was in there and found it limp and lifeless? Yeah, I bet quite a few times.  So where does it go, straight in the bin I bet? Not only is it wasteful, but costly to you.

Start thinking of your fridge like the shelves at the supermarket.  All the big companies and ‘name brands’ will be found on those middle shelves, which are all at eye level. Those products are placed there so you are more likely to buy them.


This is my fridge. My crisper does not have 1 single veggie in there.  In my crisper, I have almond flour, almond meal, besan (chickpea) flour, almonds, mixed nuts, sultanas, tomato sauce (tub), and other stuff that I don’t use all that often.

So where are my veggies? My veggies are on those main shelves, right where I can see them as soon as I open the door.

I have them stored in containers like Fridge Mate & Fridge Smart products. Not only can I see what I have, but they also keep my veggies fresher for longer.  They are well worth the investment. They also help my fridge stay organised and clean.

My pantry is another story. It’s small and crowded and I hate it but I have to make do.


I’ve applied those same principles,  placing what I need and using the most at eye level where I can see them.

I threw out a lot of crap.  Half the crap in there was way past its best before date too (gross I know, but just goes to show that I didn’t use it).  So goodbye custard powder, and cup-a-soups and gravy.  My compost will appreciate you (I hope).

Melissa & Dallas you will be proud, cause I’m proud of my effort.

In this round of Whole30 I plan on doing the following:

  • Finish reading “Paleo for Athletes” by Loren Cordain & Joel Friel
  • Focus on nutrition during my long runs
  • Trial ‘paleo-friendly food on my long runs
  • Test out new recipes like Mayo, kiwi salsa, and chicken lo mein

So let’s bring it! I’m ready to make this round of Whole30 amazing!

When was the last time you did a fridge / pantry cleanout?

Footnotes & References

1 – Info here

2 – Yes I’m aware there is some contraband in there, but I have kids, and I am transitioning them this year to gluten-free and then to paleo, so once the contraband is gone it’s gone. This also applies to the pantry too.

3 – Compost bin here, and I do hope you are composting all your organic matter, great for the environment & your garden.

6 thoughts on “Whole30 Pantry Clean out & Why your crisper is not working for you”

  1. It’s funny because I recently did just clean my fridge out, because the water line broke inside it and it filled with water and ice (yeah not fun) but I am glad it happened, because I hate to admit it there was some old stuff in those crispers, in fact I found some stuff from Thanksgiving (last November) hahaha.. Yeah gross.
    But things are better now:)
    I do the same as you though, I keep the flour and items like rice, pasta’s all in the fridge and freezer to keep them longer. But you’re right I probably shouldn’t put veggies and fruit in the crisper, it does just go to waste!

    1. Stuff from thanksgiving, ew! Was it like slimly and mouldy and all kinds of gross? I bet it was.

      You don’t realise how much you rely on your fridge until it breaks.
      So filling up with water and ice, yeah I can imagine not fun at all.
      I keep my nuts in the fridge cause they last longer. They would last longer again if I put them in the freezer.

  2. How did I miss this post. I’m going crazy with trying to keep certain produce from going bad so quickly. Mainly greens! Maybe my crisper settings are off? Thanks!

    1. Carrots, mushrooms and zucchini all need low flow, while lettuce need a lot of air, so yeah it’s quite possible. Which is why I love the containers, because I can control them individually.

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